Northern Light hail from York in England. We bring together many years of experience, having played in numerous bands over the last three decades.

Jon Stewart singing

Jon Stewart – Vocals

Our charismatic front man needs little introduction. Jon has the ability to sing different ranges and styles with ease. Previously lead vocalist with The Supermodels, Jon has a wealth of experience performing both in the UK and overseas.

Dave Sykes playing guitar

Dave Sykes – Guitar & Vocals

Also a former Supermodel, Dave has played in various bands stretching back to the 1980s. Dave has been the main driving force behind the creation of Northern Light, shaping the vision and ambition for the band.

Pikey playing keyboards

David Longhawn – Keyboards

David provides the breadth of many of the sounds you will hear at a Northern Light show. His incredible skills as a keyboard player, coupled with his keen ear, provides an attention to detail that shapes the sound of Northern Light. David was a member of the Supermodels for fifteen years.

Simon Snaize

Simon Snaize – Guitar & Vocals

Simon is a professional musician often seen hosting a local open mic night, performing solo or acoustic duo, or working in various bands. Simon’s technical ability, coupled with his soulful voice provide an extra dimension to our sound.

Tom Almgill playing drums

Tom Almgill – Percussion

Tom provides the backbone to the sound of Northern Light. Having also played previously with The Supermodels he has developed a solid style capable of adapting to a range of musical types. Tom has a background as a rock drummer, and plays his kit with passion and purpose!

Mike Harding playing bass

Mike Harding – Bass

Mike joined Northern Light from a stint working with the Supermodels. He is also a member of Chu Ma Shu! Mike has a particular fondness for a Fender Jazz bass,  and is the proud owner of several models!

Andy Mallison

Andy “Mally” Mallison

Mally is the 7th member of Northern Light. During our shows Mally is our front of house sound and lighting man, ensuring everything runs smoothly (hopefully)! Away from our shows he provides us with the technical support needed to keep everything moving. Mally has his own recording studio called Digital Secrecy.